Hello all

Please read the following before coming to your next appointment!

Let's talk Spa Etiquette, we have added a page to our site that we would appreciate you reading before coming to your next appointment. In summary, we would appreciate the following very much:

  1. Please show up on time for your appointment, we have them scheduled back to back at times and this causes appointments to get backed up and other's having to wait
  2. We would really appreciate you not wearing scents as we have some people who are very sensitive to them coming to the clinic and we don't want to make anyone uncomfortable
  3.  If you have the sniffles or a bad bug, even getting over it, please do not feel that you have to come to your appointment, we would be more than happy to rebook, again, germs carry in small spaces and we don't want to put all of our clientele at risk
  4. If you have to cancel your appointment, that is fine but please give us at least 24 hours notice, we are very busy and need to cater to people waiting to get in

We thank you for taking the time to read over this. If you have any questions please do call me on 587.897.1149