Low Level Laser Therapy & Microdermabrasion

Eden has developed a following in large part due to their signature facial – a combination of cold laser and microdermabrasion treatment. It’s 30 minutes of microdermabrasion followed by another 30 minutes of Low Light Laser Therapy. First, aluminum oxide crystals and a gentle suction technique work to buff skin smooth and clear dirt from pores. It feels a little like a cat licking your face. In addition Eden also has Diamond and Sapphire microdermabrasion available to accommodate all skin types.

The second part of the treatment is Cold Laser, it harnesses the technology used in the lasers that treat pain like arthritis or sports injuries. The intensity of the light (measured in nanometres) is reduced, so it doesn’t penetrate to deep muscle or bone. For bone joints and deep muscles the average nanometers is 950, there are three beams that range from 450 to 660 nanometres. The Cold Laser is a very calming treatment.
The beauty in Eden’s signature facial is three-fold.

1. THERE’S NO DOWNTIME: Because the laser doesn’t induce any thermal changes in the skin there is no post-treatment downtime, you can expect to walk out post-treatment and resume your day. 

2. BUILDING UP, NOT TEARING DOWN YOUR SKIN: The laser rejuvenates skin on a cellular level by oxygenating the tissue cells, helping to build up the skin and accelerate the production of collagen.  The treatment is about healing, nurturing and building up your skin

3. THE FINISH: All treatments will be finished with organic skin care products

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