Can I Reverse the Signs of Aging?

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Can I Reverse the Signs of Aging?

This may seem impossible to some but with our new Solitone Light Therapy it's only a quick 30 minute treatment a few times a week with no down-time. Dig deep by adding an EMA Peel to maximize the light therapy treatment. This will aid in removing any surface damage and lightening the skin in a non-invasive manner. Then let the lights work their magic deep down in the dermis.

How does it work?
Soli-Tone offers two distinct facial treatments, LumiFacia®l LED Light Therapy and LumiLift® Photo Rejuvenation. These two facials address a broad range of skin challenges and speed the recovery of aging skin by promoting cellular rejuvenation from within. The treatments use three proven technologies: HF (High Frequency) Polarized current, microcurrent, and LED light therapy to produce a non-invasive total facial rejuvenation.

The incredible benefits of LumiFacial LED Light Therapy and LumiLift Photo Rejuvenation have even been featured on Oprah and The Today Show. They improve firmness and fine lines by increasing collagen and elastin. The treatments aid in healing and eliminating various skin conditions in every layer of skin.

How do the different colours work during the treatment?

Blue light is the shortest wave used. It reaches down into the skin’s pores to regulate and calm the oil glands, improving acne prone skin.

Green light is a longer wave reaching down to normalize the glands that regulate the coloring of the skin. This effect can decrease dark pigmentation spots, creating an even tone on the surface. It also reduces redness due to chemical irritation.

Yellow light extends down through the epidermis layer to reach the tiny blood vessels and lymph system. It is known for detoxifying the skin by stimulating blood circulation, thereby increasing the healing and health of the skin.

Red light is the longest wave, triggering repair throughout all layers of the skin. It is known to have a positive effect on the production of collagen and elastin, greatly improving hydration, firmness, and elasticity of the skin.



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