Hyaluronic Factor 5 Mask & Dr. BELTER

Skin CareJoanne FrumanComment

After years of personal use and testing, Eden has brought in a select few products from the Dr. BELTER range.

One of our absolute favourites is the:

Aquasilk Hydroboost Mask
[Hyaluronic Factor 5]

-refreshing quick-lift mask with hyaluronic  acid (HA) as moisture-binder

-encapsuled and free forms of (HA) are  stored in the layers of the skin

-alpinia galanga extract stimulates
 the skin’s own (HA) production

-organic aloe vera and lactic peptides
 soothe and maintain cell balance

 -silk proteins and vitamin E help
  to protect  the skin from stress

-smooth and super hydrated finish

We use this as well as the Bel-Energen line to keep our skin looking youthful and hydrated even in the harshest of conditions. 

About Dr. BELTER

DR.BELTER COSMETIC is a professional beauty care with natural, effective and sensual products made from selected, high grade raw materials.
The treatment range consists of 11 care lines for the optimal and methodical care of every skin type and age group. There is are a variety of products for personal care as well as an extensive range of products in professional sizes for beauty salons, including various special treatments.
DR.BELTER COSMETIC is inspired by the fascinating diversity of nature and constantly transfers this into new active substance formulations, using precious domestic and exotic botanicals. A special quality feature is the mineral and silicone oil-free basis of all skin care preparations which consist of 95-100 % natural ingredients. The favourite active ingredient groups are skin-identical substances, DMS, plant complexes and marine extracts. The soft textures and the pleasant essences of scent make care a pleasure to experience.
The biochemist and leader of the research and development team, Dr. Clemens Belter develops, tests and constantly optimizes all DR.BELTER products in the company‘s own laboratories. The laboratories used for microbiology and quality assurance guarantee both, top quality and security. All products are manufactured, filled, packed and directly despatched from the head quarters in Braunschweig, Germany.