Amazing Benefits Of Cold Laser

Cold Laser, Treatments, Medi SpaJoanne FrumanComment

At Eden Anti Aging Clinic we give your skin a future, your beauty is only skin deep. Cold Laser treatments rejuvenate, revitalize and enhance your sense of well-being. Our goal is to  bring your skin to the best condition possible, whatever your age. Like Hollywood Stars, many clients use Cold Laser treatments to improve their skin before a special event, such as the Juno Awards, a celebration, ceremony or wedding. Cold laser is not only effective in helping to hold back the hands of time, skin problems such as acne and rosacea can be addressed successfully with the use of different phyto-active gels.

Treatments carried out with our laser from Switzerland have produced results comparable to Thermage or a minor lift. This technology provides remarkable results for an array of skin conditions. They are non-ablative and have zero downtown. Most clients are not ready or want to commit to invasive procedures, or using botox or having plastic surgery. Cold laser stimulates your own collagen & elastin production which will gradually lift and firm your skin. The advantages with this procedure: it is non-invasive, no damage to the skin surface, and it is pain free. The bio-stimulation of your collagen and elastin improves the tone and texture of the skin giving it a fresher, brighter and more even appearance. Lines and wrinkles can be softened and reduced in depth with progressive treatments. Treatment programs are customized to each client’s needs. Although a series of six treatments is recommended, with maintenance to follow, many people will experience a noticeable improvement after a single treatment depending on the skin texture. It is an effective therapy that works in harmony with the body’s own healing and pain relieving mechanisms.

Our Medical Aesthetician has been performing this treatment for 10 years, it is the perfect match for those who want professional treatments to maintain their red carpet looks. When the technology of Cold Laser was presented to us, we embraced it. We loved what Cold Laser did for our skin and could not wait to share it with everyone we knew. It’s so rewarding, helping both women and men to achieve wonderful skin and hold back the aging process without discomfort or downtime.

The Cold Laser combined with Microdermabrasion is our Signature Facial at Eden Anti-Aging for the last 10 Years.  Together they provide age defying results. Please check out our amazing special for this treatment at www.edencoldlaser.com.