A Skin Success Story!

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I have had serious acne on my face for almost three years and have used multiple products; different kinds of store bought face washes, natural and herbal remedies and other acne products, all of which I had followed carefully and strictly.  None of these helped. I had heard of the drug Acutane and its many successful cases which cured acne like mine, but the negative effects had outweighed the positives so I decided to go through with the treatment at Eden in Calgary.

Before getting into the treatment that I had, I want to explain my case of acne. I had large, lumpy; under-the-skin pimples that were situated around my mouth and chin that were extremely painful and annoying. I had bruised-looking inflammation and acne on the sides of my face by my ears and a number of large pimples on my forehead, all of which would breakout in massive lumps without heads, disappearing only to return later on.

When I arrived at Eden Cold Laser I entered a warm and welcoming room in Joanne’s home. She started by observing my face to decide the steps to further take. Joanne professionally and kindly explained what each of the issues I was having on my face were and what was causing my acne.  The treatments were performed over several days.

She started with a peel and she explained that it removed the layer of dead skin, and then followed by extractions.  She then began using her IPL machine all over my face, focusing on my forehead, the sides of my face and around my mouth. This IPL device sent a flash of intense painless light onto my skin any under the skin bacteria that I had.  After doing this she treated my skin with a healing acne mask. Immediately after the treatments I noticed the improved appearance of my skin in regard to redness.

The next day when I woke up I noticed a major difference.  The bumps I had around my face had decreased; the redness and pain had calmed down even more.  After seeing the difference so soon I was more excited and looking forward even more to my next treatment.

Throughout the treatments Joanne continued with the same extraction procedure as new heads had become visible due to the IPL, peel and the mask bringing everything to the top surface. She began using microdermabrasion on my nose for the blackheads and a cold laser machine high frequency that she explained “felt like a mosquito bite” which she used on my infected areas. It was a very fine needle connected to an electrical console and when it touched the pimples it would literally explode and ooze – kind of gross but very relieving as these would not have come out without using such a machine. She also used the cold laser which was definitely my favourite machine, as it was the most relaxing and calming. It had a small head with a blue light shining from it that felt cool but would leave your skin feeling warm. She also used it to rub in a natural healing cream that would calm redness and kill bacteria. I almost fell asleep and didn’t want it to stop.

After each day of treatment I saw a significant difference in my skin with less swelling, redness and pain and with the amount of pimples drastically decreasing.  My sister and Joanne saw the same results. By the final day I had gone from a face covered in red lumps to a much calmer and clearer looking complexion.  At the end of the treatment the discolouration had gone down and I could actually see where each pimple had been and the actual colour of my skin.  Before leaving she advised me to use vitamin E capsules as a healing agent as the large pimples that had been treated by the IPL would begin to scab and the vitamin E would help heal and prevent some scarring.

After returning home I really saw the results of the treatment and I was so excited to see something actually work. It has been two weeks since my visit to Eden Cold Laser; I can honestly say that my face is looking a whole lot better. At the moment my face is breaking out but at the same time it is healing and getting much better.  I was advised that my skin will get worse before it gets better, while I am breaking out in pimples the severity and concentration is drastically reduced.  I will be making another visit to Eden Cold Laser in the next month or two to have the treatments done again.

I cannot thank Joanne enough.  Throughout the whole time I was with her she was calm, professional, funny and extremely gentle (most people don’t consider extractions to be relaxing but I actually felt that way as she was doing it because she was so gentle). I will definitely refer people to Joanne and I would extremely advise anyone with acne issues like myself to give it a shot, as I see a major improvement!

Thank you so much Joanne!!