A New Generation of Skin Rejuvenation at Eden

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We have very exciting news! In a few short weeks we will be welcoming our newest light based rejuvenation treatment, the Solitone 2500 Lumilift and Lumifacial. More importantly, this machine is safe, accessible, non-invasive, painless, quick, free of unwanted side effects and effective at managing pigmentation problems, acne, redness, wrinkles and skin slackening.

The ability of our cells to function properly gradually declines with age.  Lackluster skin and the loss of elasticity, two of the most visible signs of aging, are caused by a decrease in collagen production and skin density. Unsightly lines and slackening skin are often the result of sun damage, poor nutrition, smoking and other “free-radical” generating factors. 

The Lumifacial Program: light therapy and ultrasound
Extrasuperluminescent diodes, all integrated into one light panel, treat the effects of aging. When placed over the treatment area, the preprogrammed Lumifacial panel determines the most suitable light energy combination for the skin.

The Lumilift Program: micro-currents, light therapy and ultrasound
Special electrodes are used to firm the contour of the face, while sonophoresis promotes the penetration of products and enhances their effectiveness.   

Results are instantaneous. Among the most noticeable benefits are the improved appearance of wrinkles, pore size, skin texture irregularities, acne scars, redness and pigmentation imperfections caused by the passage of time and exposure to sunlight. Treatments do not inflict any thermal damage to the skin and do not cause any discomfort. Furthermore, clients can resume their daily activities without delay.

It is clear that the Soli-Tone 2500 is addressing the market demand and is paving the way for a whole new generation of effective, non-invasive skin rejuvenation treatments. 

What Kind of Results Can I Expect?
The results are tremendously impressive. Most clients notice an improvement after their first series of treatments. The skin is rejuvenated and more youthful looking, fine lines and wrinkles are smoothed out, the skin’s elasticity is increased and the contour of the face is firmer and redefined. Furthermore, pore size and texture irregularities are improved while acne scars and vascular and pigmentation imperfections are reduced.

It is important to mention that during the course of these treatments, the skin does not suffer any thermal damage and therefore recovery time is not an issue.

Generally speaking, a treatment takes 30 minutes. However, if a treatment includes a facial and the application of a mask, the session will last an hour. After the treatment, patients can resume their regular activities with radiant skin and no traces of redness or discomfort.

Rejuvenation Treatment
Treatment that combines the use of the panel, the lifting program and sonophoresis.

Firming of the Facial Contour
This non-invasive procedure uses micro-currents and red light at 640 nm to stimulate collagen production and firm the contour of the face.

Acne Treatment
An outstanding acne treatment that uses 4 “cell-specific” wavelengths that are recommended for their antibacterial and repairing properties.


Please Note: 
These treatments are not available until December 1, 2014. Please call to enquire.